Auld Lang Syne!

Another year.While 2011 was not without its challenges, I can’t complain. Truly, I cannot complain. The year began with my literally being snowed in, in New Jersey, and it ends with my basking in the sun in Los Angeles. I’m here shooting a short film. It is between 70˚-80˚ here.As I write this, I am downing […]

Vive la Montréal!

So, here I am – Montréal, and what a fascinating place it is.Performing in the Montréal Fringe Festival this year, I am based in a neighborhood called the Plateau. It is the very French (trés français) section of the city. I feel like I am in Europe…without the hassle of a trans-Atlantic flight. The city, for […]

mind f^ck

I don’t quite get why I’m not more satisfied with things right now…quite frankly, this is the best stretch of work I’ve had, probably…ever. Yet, I’m still not quite able to enjoy it. WTF? In addition to the good stuff listed in the previous post, it is confirmed that I will be playing Oberon in the […]