Auld Lang Syne!

Another year.
While 2011 was not without its challenges, I can’t complain. Truly, I cannot complain. The year began with my literally being snowed in, in New Jersey, and it ends with my basking in the sun in Los Angeles. I’m here shooting a short film. It is between 70˚-80˚ here.
As I write this, I am downing a nice coffee in my favorite coffee bar, the Bourgeois Pig, and wondering why the overly-tanned guy across the way from me feels it’s OK to take his shoes off and sit on the sofa, barefoot.
LA, baby!

Anyway…It may be cliché, but it is hard to not get reflective around this time of year.

So, to keep up with a new tradition – A wise friend of mine suggested that instead of making a list of New Year’s resolutions (that are likely to be broken), it is better to list your accomplishments from the past year.

So, here goes (chronologically as best I can)

* Taught 3 courses (both SPRING and FALL Semesters) at 2 Universities
* Co-produced and acted in Us vs. Them, an Off-Off Broadway production
* Started Volunteering at NY Cares
* Performed in a show at the Montréal Fringe Festival
* Got new headshots
* Taught a class during the summer session at Rider University.
* Performed the role of Oberon and Theseus in A Midsummer Night’s Dream
* Booked a Co-star on Law & Order: SVU
* Performed in another production of Small Talk in NY (this show crossed an international border, I have no problem listing it twice!)
* Shot a feature film
* Shooting a short film in Los Angeles
* Designed Make-up for 3 plays and 1 short film 
* asked to return to teach at both universities, for the SPRING ’12 semester
* My family remained healthy (not an accomplishment, per se – but I’m grateful as hell for it!)

I made some new friends, lost some old ones. 
Endured loss, and overcame setbacks.
I have been very fortunate and am grateful for every opportunity that has come my way – despite the obstacles that ’11 brought with it.
While I feel good about the past year’s accomplishments, I cannot use the word, “satisfied.” There is still a sense of unrealized potential, or success that I cannot help shake. Maybe that feeling is what some call “drive” or “persistence.”
I don’t know.
Maybe the coming year will bring some greater sense of ease…?

May the best of 2011 be the worst of 2012!

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