Winding down…

My several month run is winding down.
This stretch of work for this length of time is what we actors dream of.
But alas, all good things come to an end.
Small Talk has closed. The houses not only grew, but just got better and better throughout the run. As did the run itself – getting deeper and deeper into these eloquent, short plays.
Many came more than once, and complimented the growth of the show.

I’m 2/3’s finished my role in A Guy Named Rick. My last and final day of shooting will be in November: a boxing scene – so I’ll need to get in shape for that.

Law and Order: SVU is in the can. Airs Wednesday, October 19th. 10/9c

So for right now, it’s just teaching. Which is great. My classes seem to be going well; good students, and I’m getting better at it, it feels.

Another ray of hope is that Small Talk is very likely to have another incarnation in the new year. This is a project that is just getting better and better as we work it more. Response was terrific, and we’re hoping to find some $$ to make it a full production. I’m hopeful.

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