What fools these mortals be…

While in the midst of a brutal heat wave, our government seems to be suffering from collective heat stroke as their ineptitude is growing more and more apparent; the debt ceiling crisis is getting more and more ominous. For the first time since the market crash of ’08, I’m actually concerned about my future, as well the country’s…legitimately.

Regardless, life goes on….
I’ve been teaching a summer session of Theater Appreciation at Rider U., and a few days ago we had our first read of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

The summer session is proving rewarding as the students seem interested and engaged (for the most part). In addition, my teaching this summer is allowing me to hone the class to be not only more encompassing than my previous runs at the class, but also more succinct and clear (I believe).

While we had our 1st read for “Midsummer…,” we haven’t really gotten to work. I’m nervous; as Oberon/Theseus, I have a great deal of work. Our 1st rehearsals have been delayed, not sure why. Time already seems to be ticking away. I’ll also be heading up the make-up for the fairy world. A challenge, but should be fun. I’m afraid that I’ll have only myself to rely on to do the best work possible. More on that later –

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