The Best Laid plans…


Things did not work out between Sadie and I.
A word to the wise – when adopting a pet, or a rescue dog – one never knows what issues are there until you bring them home. This is especially true of older dogs. Sadie was between 3-4. Certain behavior was engrained in her.

Sadie was(is) a lovable, nurturing, kind spirit. However, she was unable to be left alone. Whenever I did (she would be crated, of course), she became hysterical: crying, screaming, breaking out, breaking into closed doors and chewing clothes. After a little less than a week, I soon found out that I was unable to provide what she needs. Between my acting and teaching schedules, I am not home enough for her. In addition, as I live alone (not even another pet) – I was on my own.

I am saddened and disappointed in myself. But I couldn’t in good conscience try to push through this issue knowing that she was hurting herself.

Lessons learned….
G’ bye, Sadie.

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