Chris’ skill and passion pushes his students in a positive way, a true educator.

Chris makes the work environment safe, honest and creative. He always found a way to make either a monologue or a scene make sense to me in terms that I could relate to on a real level and truly understand. He helped me break-down many of my inhibitions and fears within my pieces, allowing me to feel like I wasn’t acting but just being. I don’t think I ever understood Shakespeare until I worked with Chris. He describes Shakespeare’s text in such a way that I could really connect to and run free with. Every time we worked on Shakespeare – Chris had a new method or idea on how I could relate it to my own life-experience.

The environment that Chris created in every coaching session felt beyond safe. So much so that I felt I could be vulnerable and dig deep into work and free of inhibitions. He is dedicated, intelligent and passionate about his coaching and I still seek his opinions on decisions I make in my career and life. He rocks all around!

Christopher’s feedback is clear, specific and brilliant. He encourages you to find the specificity in each moment of the text, while still maintaining your moment-to-moment behavior and finds the little moments in the text that may have been overlooked. I have gotten callbacks and booked jobs every time that I’ve worked with Christopher before an audition and I highly recommend him as a coach.

Chris (gives) creative, thoughtful impressions of the work and handles students with patience, intelligence and compassion. He is insightful, totally on-target and sensitive to the needs and abilities of the students. He demands the best from them and pushes them to take risks. The outcome of his feedback is amazing as he takes the students to new heights of artistry. His critiques are articulate and motivating.

My work with Chris was great! With him working with me on my monologues I was able to develop my character more fully. Taking a technique approach with my Shakespeare text and speaking it as if I were saying it helped me to understand exactly everything I was saying to my partner. His advice to challenge my sense of play and movement got me out of my head and into my body to which resulted in bigger and stronger choices. The more we dug into the monologues the more simple my objective was and the more comfortable I became in my character rather trying to push falsely to an idea of what my character should be.

Christopher has taught me to have trust in myself and in my artistic growth and process as an actor. Never before have I worked with a teacher so motivating – he encouraged me to take risks and make brilliant discoveries as a result.

Christopher gives excellent criticism, stays positive and works specifically!

Through his enthusiasm and his passion, Christopher has a wonderful ability to create a safe working environment for the actor to fully explore his or her potential. He encourages actors to push their individual ‘envelopes’ and grow as artists. I highly recommend him as a monologue coach and teacher.

Working with Chris in preparation for.a mass audition and a callback was an amazing experience. He guided me towards giving a grounded, more fleshed out performance, and helped me make strong choices that greatly improved the piece. Thanks to his coaching, I was offered two roles and garnered interest from several casting directors.

Every play needs a good director, and for me, every audition needs a Christopher Halladay. His approach to the text is terrifically thorough, and together you find specific moments that keep the material personally engaging and alive. When you walk into that audition, you can be proud and confident with the work you have to share. Christopher gives you so much to think about that any neurotic mental patter is drowned out; you can stay committed to the art of acting and not get derailed by how badly you want the part.

I rediscovered an old monologue in a whole new way!