It’s already been quite the year.
2017 is looking good!

Booked my 3rd gig and it’s not even May.

– Law and Order:SVU
    Aired last month

– Mr. Robot (in a very exciting role!)
Shot the episode last week; hard work, but a thrill. Both Sam Esmail and Rami Malek were extremely kind, supportive and collaborative.  What an experience!

Stella’s Last Weekend  a feature film written and directed by Polly Draper (I had quite a crush on her in Thirtysomething – I was quite smitten during the callback).

What’s more important is the building and fostering of relationships; making good impressions.

Oh! and I was offered a role on another Network show! outright – NO AUDITION
and had to turn it down because of another gig!

I like this feeling!

Moving forward….Go Get the Ax is progressing beautifully.
Our cast is aaaaaaalllllmost complete.
Our design team is quite amazing.

Check out our progress by “Liking” FIG Productions on our FACEBOOK PAGE

We start rehearsals in a few weeks.
Very exciting.

I like this feeling!

As all this is happening I’m wrapping up another semester of teaching; always a challenge as I always strive to be better in that capacity as well.

Wedding planning continues…October…my 2nd self-produced event.


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