slow burn…

The Peddler’s Tale closed.
Too, too brief run.
Great group of people. Beautiful production.
Richard (director) and Liz (writer) complimented each other with the show, I believe.
The show truly deserves a bigger, longer run…we’ll see.

Now on to the Fall semester; 1 class at Rutgers (Intermediate Acting 272), 2 classes at Rider (Basic Acting 1).

I feel good about the classes. 272 is comprised of some former students (I taught 271 last semester); I think they’re might be a compliment in there somewhere.
And at Rider – I’ve struggled with Acting classes there. I feel restricted by time (Rutgers is 6 hours a week whereas Rider is only 3), in addition the students there are an interesting mix of majors and non-majors. Whereas at Rutgers, it was all BA’s, which allowed for more consistency.
This semester, not only am I readjusting my goals and expectations, I have heard that I will be dealing with mostly majors…so that sounds promising.
The only glitch this semester is a looming strike at Rider.
We’ll see.

I have a few possible projects on the horizon:
Some V/O work our of Princeton
a possible play in the coming month
There is an Indie Film from Philly which is expressing interest.

Of course, I count on nothing…not being negative, I’ve just been on this dance floor before.
Nothing is real until it’s happening, or a contract is signed.

Naturally, I’m in PA when I have free time (which is more than I’d like this month),
I think we need to make some big decisions there…

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