Perspective shift-

This is what I witnessed outside my window on Sunday evening as Sandy came ashore:

Outside my window, the parking lot below my apartment complex

Marin and Columbus Blvds., just before the electricity went out.
Pictures by Wesley Broulik & Mandy Haskin
Truly horrible what I witnessed. When the tide came in – it felt like what we saw in Thailand.
Water submerging thousands of cars.
A day before the storm, I decided to park my in an elevated, covered lot. 
Mind you, I called the JCPD to ask if I was in a flood zone (btw, Jersey City – your information service SUCKS – could find usable information online – anywhere). Anyway, whoever I spoke to at JCPD told me that my location would be safe for flooding. Good thing I ignored them. Though to be fair, nobody expected this.
I moved my car on the basis of possible wind damage as I am parked by a large pole and a tree. Best $46 spent – ever. Again, ALL the cars below were destroyed, totaled…except mine. Not bragging, not at all – just incredibly grateful.
We had no power, nor water since yesterday I’m told.
I won’t share how we dealt with toilet stuff. 
Fortunately, my friends, Wes and Mandy kept each other company. We pooled our perishable food and cooked what we could, minimizing lost food, playing board games and using our crank-radios for information.
During day 1 after the storm, Wes and I explored the area and was just blown away by what we saw: people living on ground level or basement apts/homes – totally destroyed. Lives forever changed.
I am very, VERY lucky. Just lost some perishable food.
I’ll be heading back either tomorrow or Sunday. I’ve gotten word that the power is back on…
it’s now about the water.
Don’t know when I’m going to be able to get into Manhattan as the PATH is down, indefinitely.
All my classes have been cancelled for the week. Been sending out e-mails to my students – some adjustments will be made, but we will do what we can do…hoping all my students are safe, well and warm. 
I’m making the most of my time here at home. I left two days ago: I woke up to darkness and devastation and came home (to PA) taking my nephews and niece out Trick-or-Treating two nights ago reminded me how truly fortunate I am. 
On that note – My brother is finding normalcy. I’ve been helping him move into his new apartment. He’s been making a wonderful home for himself and his kids. He deserves this break and I’m happy to help him settle in.
Also helping my parents clean up after the storm has been a priority. Comparatively, West Chester was barely hit by Sandy – not to undermine those who suffered damage: some power outages, downed trees, leaves and limbs everywhere – but nothing like what I left in JC. 
Anyway, it’ll be nice to know my parent’s home will be ready for winter.

Witnessing/surviving an event like this, shifts perspective on things….not sure what’s going to happen next. 
Makes you stop and think about what’s really important and what one truly wants/needs out of life.

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