One foot in front of the other…


It’s been a while.


I guess I’ve been struggling with the idea that I don’t feel like anything new has been happening; nothing worth mentioning, I guess.

That’s not true however, it’s just easy to fall into monotony, or feel like you’re stuck in it.

Let’s see…
Since my last posting:

*   One Love, New Love closed.
My feelings on that show were mixed.
Working at the Luna Stage was terrific; the facilities, the staff and crew…all wonderful! I would welcome the opportunity to work there again.

Added to that, I got to work with the über-talented Kim Zimmer (Reba from Guiding Light).
While we only had a few scenes together, we played well and there was always trust that choices and discoveries were directed towards the goal of telling the story in an honest, truthful way.
I learned so much watching her work. We got along well, and we helped each other out during the rehearsal process; answering questions, negotiating around challenges and traps of the show.
I feel like I made a new friend, a trusted colleague.

Despite all that, there were strange tensions present with other cast-mates; actors with whom I had more to do. While I won’t go into specifics, things came to a point where-in certain actors and myself just stopped speaking to each other. Rehearsals provided a great deal of challenges as most of the re-writes were centered around my character and his relationship with his family. In addition to the strains of that particular process (we were invited to participate in a open exchange regarding the rewrites – maybe I was too vocal??), I can’t help but wonder if it was those strains that spilled over into the personal dynamic off-stage.
Sometimes young, inexperienced actors can have difficulty distinguishing between the strains of the work from the personal relationship.
…maybe that was it?
My fear was that the personal dynamics would risk those portrayed on-stage; so, I found myself employing the use of some actor tricks to “drop in” to the core relationships to over-compensate.
I felt like a fake up there.
A liar.

I began to hate my work because of it. I wasn’t proud of what I was doing.
It wasn’t fun.

I invited no one.
I found myself looking forward to the curtain-call as soon as the play.
That’s not a good feeling; especially when it begins to chisel away at one’s morale.

So, I did what I thought was best – kept my head down…did the work….and got out of there every night as soon as I was finished.
I can only hope throughout all that internal strife, I was able to maintain a professional demeanor; hopefully no one knew what I was feeling (unless I spoke of it to certain folks).

Anyway…that was that.
Learn and grow.

…what else…?

*  Oh! I’m now teaching at a new school!
In addition to Rutgers and Rider Universities (both of which invited me back for Spring ’17), I am currently teaching a class at The New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts.
I am very fortunate to be a part of their faculty.
The commute is nice! (IN Manhattan!)
I hope I’m invited back to continue teaching there.

*  Sonia and I picked a date as well as a venue!

The Grand Wilshire Hotel
We will be getting married in October of 2017.

So…there’s that…On to the wedding planning…exciting!

*  The theater company, in which I am a founding member,  FIG Productions is slated to put up our 1st production, Go Get the Ax next summer!
This company was formed earlier this year with two very good friends and colleagues: Richard Aven and James Menzies (Sonia’s a part of this as well!)

We had a very successful inaugural fundraiser last month and despite a huge setback several months ago (the theater we booked originally closed abruptly), we are moving forward!
We are hoping to announce our new venue very soon.

More to come on that as we are continuing to raise funds for not only Go Get the Ax, but also our 2nd production, The Finish Line by company member, Tré W. Davis.

* I am now working with a new management company, Whole Artist Management!
So that’s exciting.
And it’s though that new relationship that….

*  I booked a small, but fun role on GOTHAM that aired last week!

It’s strange writing this post as when I began I was feeling a bit depressed and lamenting the state of my career and place in life.
It’s easy to feel stagnant.
However, taking a step back and reading this….I guess it’s not that bad.
Not bad at all.
Maybe I’m progressing more than I thought..?
So, it is in the spirit of the season I must acknowledge my gratitude.
I have much.
In the meantime, I’ll try to get off my ass and be a more diligent blogger….
Happy Thanksgiving!

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