on set…

Loving the busy-ness.

Shot my Law and Order: SVU the other day – went well.
Whenever a co-star, it’s good to NOT be a problem: know your lines, get your blocking, do your job.
My scene was with Kelly Giddish and Ice-T (very cool, very chill, crackin jokes the whole time). Apparently, it is also a bit of comic relief. Yes, it furthers the plot, but it should garner a laugh or two – at my character’s expense, nonetheless. It takes place in a bar, at a halloween party, and my outfit? ooh – tune in and see.
It’s a whole scene, just me and the two cops.
NBC – Wednesday, October 19th.
Tune in!

Today, I’m on set for A Guy Named Rick, an Indie I am now working on. I’m playing an interesting part. Not a normal role for me – but fun. More credits, more footage.
And, I still have Small Talk continuing this weekend and through the next.

It’s so cool to be working this steadily. I hope it continues…

On another note, my dear Aunt Joan (my mother’s youngest sister) passed away from Pancreatic Cancer last week. The funeral is tomorrow. I will head to PA early in the AM, go to the funeral, spend time with the family (extended), then head up to Rider to teach in the evening.
While it will be nice to see the family, it is sad that it surrounds such an occasion.
She is at peace, and is no longer suffering.

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