Moving on…stirring the sh!t

I resigned from Dark Luna, the theater company I worked with for the past 18 months.

I won’t go into the details – no, I’m not being noble, I just finished writing about it in my business blogyou can check it out there.

So now I am focusing on my teaching and auditions.

On that note, I’ve been asked back to teach at both Rider and Montclair for the fall semester – might even be teaching more classes. More on that when/if things are solidified. Regardless, I’m continuing to build a nice CV. Furthermore, I’m teaching a summer session at Rider, and keeping my fingers crossed for RSAC. I had a great experience teaching there last year, and hope to have that same opportunity.

I also started volunteering for NYCares!

I’m working hard to make some positive changes in my life, as you may be able to deduce.
Removing toxic elements, injecting myself into more constructive environments and around better people.

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