Finals have been taken, grades are submitted – the end of another semester was not without its challenges: resistant actors, disinterested students, and blizzards. While it is easy to throw ones hands up in resignation and complain, I believe a good teacher will face those obstacles and aspire to o’er-leap them.

My summer seems to be shaping up quite nicely.

I will be teaching again at RSAC (Rutgers Summer Acting Conservatory)
I will be teaching Theater Appreciation at Rider for the 2nd Summer session
I have been invited to perform at Montreal’s Fringe Festival (J, timing never seemed to work in our favor – much to my regret!)
There seems to be the strong possibility that I’ll be performing in another Shakespeare production in the end of the Summer.

…in addition, I have some other irons in the fire as well.

I like it! I like knowing there is work to be done.

I just took some new head-shots with the talented Siouxsie Suarez – Thank you, my dear.
I cut my hair, so look out for the new and improved me!

Pics will be out soon.

Momentum – a good thing…

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