mind f^ck

I don’t quite get why I’m not more satisfied with things right now…quite frankly, this is the best stretch of work I’ve had, probably…ever.

Yet, I’m still not quite able to enjoy it. WTF?

In addition to the good stuff listed in the previous post, it is confirmed that I will be playing Oberon in the New Brunswick Theater Festival‘s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream later this summer. So, that’s cool. Not exactly a role I feel I would traditionally be cast as; but I am psyched at the challenge.

I also just got cast in a SAG Indie Film, A Guy Named Rick, that is scheduled to shoot this autumn. It’ll be a fun role.

This past week I’ve been rehearsing Small Talk, by Eric Fallen, under the direction of the great Eric Michael Gillett. This is the show we will be presenting at the Montreal Fringe Festival this June. I love the pieces I’m in, and the people involved seem great! What’s more, it will be put up again in New York in the fall. So, I’ll get to do it again! for the NY audience, to include industry….cool.

So, why aren’t I more excited? Why aren’t I happier?

Other than the possibility that it could be my diet (there are those theories that propose that higher fat intake make people happier… I’m still debating that one), I think it might be because I’m still struggling with “low-income syndrome.” (I made that one up!)

Yes, I am working more these days; NO, I’m not making the money I feel I should. So, I’m trying to reconcile that; or, I need to trust that this is a trend and will continue to improve, ultimately getting me closer to my goals. In short, “Halladay – quit yer bitchin!

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