It’s not always about Acting…

It’s been a while, I know…
Many entries seem to begin with that passage, it seems.
Perhaps it might be because I’m finding it’s all about the same stuff..?
Career woes, goals and aspirations
A new show
Veiled jealousies brought on by the seeming successes of former colleagues and classmates
It’s all the same shit.
Nothing makes those kinds of realizations clearer than a solid dose of real life.
Real things; things that change you, things that change your life.
For instance, Sonia’s father passed earlier this year.  A tremendous loss for her and her family.  An event I witnessed, for which I was present.            
A life-changing event; its impact to be felt forever.

….on to a happier note –
Sonia and I are engaged!
The question was popped and answered on Valentine’s Day (I know, I know…maybe a little sappy however, if you could swallow down your vomit, I promise you it was logistically the best time. The timing of other events determined the timing of this as well).

Anyway…we are both very happy. While the planning of the event has yet to begin; it will commence as soon as we’re able to regain some sense of normalcy.
Between both our families, there are a lot of adjustments to be settled.
So, there’s that.

Oh, and since this is a BLOG about Acting, written by an Actor –
I am working on a new show!
My debut at Luna Stage.
I am proud to be sharing the stage with the amazing talent, Kim Zimmer!
Not only is she a talented and generous actor, but it is also an education just to witness her process. 
Learning so much.
Very Grateful.
We start previews soon, then open in the middle of the month.

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