It’s not always about Acting…

Yes, it’s been a while since my last post however, a lot has been going on….and it’s not all about Acting.

It can be easy to forget at times; this career pursuit can often be all-encompassing, and that’s not always a good thing. Sometimes we have to take a step back and remember the other facets of our lives, sometimes the other parts of our lives give us no choice; forcing our shift of focus. Either way, for better or worse, it is a good thing to have a life outside of this oft-beleagured endeavour.

Where to begin….

Being invited to teach at RSAC was a pleasant experience. I was working with another instructor; I took the 1st third of the program, she took over the remainder. To keep continuity and consistency for the students (great kids!), I popped in a few times throughout the entire program. Was a rewarding experience and hope to be invited back.

After long last, I found love again..aaahhh!
More on that later. In a nutshell, we took an amazing trip together to Puerto Rico.
My first visit there was amazing! I LOVE IT THERE!!!
We are in the process of exploring some real estate possibilities….yes! they’re there.
Excited about the potential…
And…she’s moving in. It’s been a long time since there has been real activity on the love-front. She’s terrific, and it’s all been worth the wait.
Perhaps everything has led me to this?
Meant to be…?

Finally, Dad found himself in the hospital again. Before you sweat it too much – he’s home and well on the road to recovery.
In a nutshell, he had 2 major heart surgeries last month.
1st, an Aortic valve replacement. No, it was not open heart surgery (was a TAVR – new valve inserted via a catheter up through the groin), but serious nonetheless.
2nd, after the valve was replaced, a pace-maker had to be inserted.
Again, in the end…all went well.
He’s better than he has been in years. Very grateful.
Now it’s about easing things for Mom….we’ll see..? She’s the one I worry about.

The Fall Semester is underway. So far so good.

…’nuff for now.

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