It’s Deja vu all over again.

What a difference a week makes!

I closed one show last week, opened another yesterday, and…
I booked my first Law & Order:SVU! I feel like an official New York Actor, now.

I’ve gotten into the groove of teaching this semester (3 classes!), and I’ve been auditioning like crazy lately.

I cannot complain – at all. I am very fortunate

It amazes me how things can change in a moment. One week ago, I was completing a very challenging show within a challenging environment; and this week, I opened a show allowing me to work again with my good friend and mentor, Eric Michael Gillett. I am so excited to be a part of Small Talk, the show I did earlier this summer in Montréal.

Aside from myself and one other actor, it’s a new cast, with two added pieces, and more in tune with Eric Michael’s vision. We opened last night and the reception was tremendous. 
There is even hope of this show having a life beyond this run. That would be just fine by me! I am fortunate enough to be in four of the eight pieces (3 of which I did in Montréal). The cast is great; we have a terrific ensemble. 
Come and check it out! I am proud of this show.
I shoot Law & Order this friday…so excited!

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