It’s always something….

What a couple of weeks it’s been!

Savor the serenity folks, bask in your victories, be grateful for all you have….
because you never know when you find your life blind-sided by an out of control Buick Century slamming into a telephone pole, killing your uncle and almost claiming your father.

Public Service Announcement:


The harsh truth is my uncle would very likely still be alive, nor would my father have suffered the injuries he sustained, had they both been wearing a seat-belt. Quite frankly, it was (is) a miracle he survived at all.
It was a mess: They were on a road trip they had no real reason to be on. The accident occurred in rural Virginia. So in a sense, they were stranded in a local hospital for days. My father’s broken femur and hip went undiagnosed during their stay there.
blah, blah, blah….a week later and after a helluva long ambulance ride, my father is now in our local hospital, recovering after having his leg set, hip replaced (again!), and nose set (oh, yea – he pretty much broke his face, causing his nose to be displaced – so that had to be moved back-FUN!).
After two weeks! My father is finally on the path to recovery.
I am tremendously grateful…
Kinda puts things in perspective…

…like, what’s really important, you know?

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