Here’s to you, Murphy…

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”
Like the the production needed any more obstacles…in an effort to not be one of those, I have booked a hotel in New Brunswick. We start TECH this weekend (with any hope).
But, alas – meet Irene.

It appears the New York Metropolitan Area is in direct line to be hit by this agitated lady. The first time in recent history. “Hell hath no fury…”
Since I have a heavy work load scheduled for the show, and I happen to live in a flood plain; I figure I’d rather be “stranded” (flooding) where I need to work, rather than live.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed for all those ounces of prevention.
I’ve never been through a hurricane before – new territory for me.
Jesus! We had an earthquake earlier in the week, now this?!
Maybe the Mayans are right…?

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