Go Get the Axe

I can’t believe it!

After a year in development and fundraising, our play is in rehearsals and set to open in a few weeks!

We have amassed an impressive cast and design team! I am overwhelmed to be working with such a fantastic group, and my god! I get to work with Eric Michael Gillett again!! We have such a great scene together, I just hope I’m able to keep up with the man. I continue to learn from his talent and experience.

Our talented playwright, Jamie Menzies, built this ship; I have full faith and confidence in our captain, Richard Aven.

The road has been bumpy at times (designing the visual effects, honing rewrites and negotiating casting shuffles), but every day we make a forward step closer to our opening on June 8th! The production quality of this play is going to be something to see; between the sets, lighting effects and the video component, this show will be a full experience.

As a co-producer, I’m wearing several hats. It’s all very exciting and terrifying. I must take care to allow myself to focus on the acting when we rehearse; let go of all the other hats and commit to the work onstage.

Must go and get set pieces now…and design some Special F/X make-up!

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