Give and Take…

He giveth and he taketh away.

For the first time in my career – ever, really…I find myself facing the reality of being released from a show.
With regret, I am no longer involved with Love and Intrigue.
Fortunately, the decision was made without malice or ill-feelings; it was merely a matter of logistics. With my booking of an episode of Blue Bloods, coupled with my teaching, added to that a few other scheduling restraints…it was agreed that the timing of this project just wasn’t working with us. 
Of course the ego is bruised as this was a challenge (the role of Chancellor) I was looking forward to meeting.  
However, I have to acknowledge that for the sake of the whole, the cast dynamic, and the demands of the type of work that was expected – it was/is the right decision.

My schedule restraints spread me too thin and again, while I was able to do the work, the potential cost to everyone else and their work was too great- I admit, that that would not have been fair.

We all have to face a situation like this at some point. 
Well, now I have.

I write this as I am out the door to shoot:

So, everything comes at a cost to something else.

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