Finish line…

I did it! My busiest and most packed semester – EVER. What a couple of months.
Lesson learned – 5 classes in a single semester is just too much to commit to.
While I feel I have made it work, this semester was not without its challenges:

“Sandy” disrupted EVERYTHING. Between the actual storm and the slow process of”finding normal,” we lost about 3 entire weeks. Syllabi and expectations needed to be re-configured. All-in-all, we made it work. While I released students from a few assignments, classes were still challenging. I fear one class in particular I never really got back. It was what it was.

My biggest obstacle was how booked myself out of Acting these past months. I had few auditions and not working in my field drives me crazy. Furthermore, when I’m not doing what I’ve been trained to do, I feel like a bit of a fraud teaching when I’m not doing it….does that make sense?

…so, I gotta fix that.

I’m ready to end 2012…let’s get beyond this Mayan bullshit…

Where’s 2013?

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