Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward. -Victor Kiam

I’ve been here in West Palm Beach for two weeks now, we’ve been “on our feet” with the show for 7 days and we just did a run-through.
Pretty impressive…what’s more…it went fairly ok.
A few hiccups here and there, we got through it.
We open in 2 weeks and to have a run-though under our belt already is quite an achievement; this all feels attainable; thank you to our director, J. Barry Lewis.
The set is almost done…can’t wait to get on it.

It’s going to be a successful production, I believe.
A solid cast, with the likes of Frank Converse, Dennis Creaghan, and John Leonard Thompson.

The area is interesting, West Palm Beach, Fl.
While I’ve lived near the ocean for quite a while in LA, Florida is very different (duh). Atlantic Ocean has a different vibe than does the Pacific. Maybe it’s psychological….it feels different.
I see geckos running around all over the place (scurrying like cockroaches but not nearly as offensive), exotic birds that look like something out of the opening credits from Miami Vice just outside my window, humid as hell, yet the heat somehow isn’t as oppressive as it can get in NY.
It rains different here, too. Very spotty; a torrential downpour in an instant while 20 yards away it’s dry as a bone. Thick rain.

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