It seems that some of my last entry has been misconstrued…
Keeping a blog is tricky – I use it as a device to express myself, and purge, if you will.  The other side of that coin is “it is out there.” In addition, my “stream of consciousness” style often blur my thoughts; things can be misread, or misinterpreted. This might be one of those times.
Bottom line – life is hard for many of us these days. I am no exception. I am going through my own creative struggles; for the past months I have been faced with some professional and personal crossroads that I am still in the process of negotiating; Familial responsibilities, career paths, personal goals seem to all be at odds right now. These are the issues weighing on me of late.

Professionally, I am so grateful and excited for the opportunities that have come my way. While I do not necessarily rescind what I wrote ( I am worried about the time available for me to do my best work – a common actor’s lament, btw), there should be no inferrence that anything is “wrong.” We’ve just begun, for god’s sakes! However, I must acknowledge that there are those out there who have worked so hard, and have so much more at stake, I apologize if my expressing my thoughts not as carefully as I should, has lead to misinterpretation.

Roles that have been given to me are a gift, and I am lucky to have them. I look forward to working with those involved and am excited for the potential to be realized.

All that aside, I, for some reason, am having challenges accepting where I’m at in life, and in my career. It is my shit that I need to reconcile, somehow.

I think I’m also surprised to learn that people actually read this thing…

who knew?

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