Back in the Room

Our amazing playwright, director and cast

So excited to be acting IN PERSON again…it’s been quite a while since I’ve had the opportunity to be onstage, including the over 2 years since “the lockdown” due to COVID.

This play was my last “in-person” audition before the world closed over 2 years ago. Last year, I was privileged to be a part of the Audio-play version (directed by the amazing Tamila Woodard) of the production. And, quite frankly, I thought that was it for me….Lo, and behold…it wasn’t. Here I am in historic Shepherdstown, WV participating in the prestigious Contemporary American Theater Festival (CATF)!

Earlier this month we had our 1st rehearsal, and we’re on our feet, having our 1st “stumble through” today. We open on July 8.

While last year’s experience was rewarding, the new group collected here for this “version” of this play is exciting: 

Terence Anthony, our amazing playwright, has somehow managed to build on what was already an exciting script – there is more poetry, beauty and terror. Cheryl Lynn Bruce, our director has been involved with this project from the beginning. Her return to this project brings a perspective and joy that has created an environment that has only facilitated a deeper exploration of this world.

And finally – the cast. Jefferson A. Russell as ATTIUS, CG returning as EFFIE, and Lenique Vincent as MADELEINE; fantastic actors – ALL. I round out the cast, returning as HENRY. I am so grateful to have these fine artists as partners in creation.

Not giving anything away – this production is beautiful and terrorizing in its subject matter. It is dangerous and magical. That said, the trust in the rehearsal room is something I do not take for granted and am grateful for. It is a testament to the spirit put forth from our director and generous cast-mates. 

We enter the process of TECH and DRESS rehearsals in these remaining weeks before the opening on July 8.

Here we go…!

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