Auld Lang Syne

Forgive my neglect.
Happy New Year!

2014 is already feeling pretty good.

At the risk of jinxing anything, I’ll resist going into detail on my major development; more will be announced when things become more official.

Other than that – I’ve been based out of PA since I returned from Florida.
Doing the “dutiful son” thing that I do.
Being such a brutal winter, I am grateful to be around for my parents (i.e. shoveling snow, stacking wood, general winter maintenance, etc) however, I am going a bit stir crazy…feeling a bit out of touch with the business.
Yes, I’ve had some auditions during this typically slow period, but I need to get working again.
Kinda going nuts here.
I see friends/colleagues doing stuff, getting work, moving forward. While I am so happy for them, and proud; it’s hard not to be a little jealous.

Jealousy – a natural human reaction. I have come to terms that it happens without my effort. I acknowledge it when it surfaces, focus on the happiness I have for those working, and move on.

But all this shall pass – if all goes as it should, I should be living in the NYC area in the next few weeks.
Then – back to classes, and auditions, and Manhattan!!

The spring semester begins in a few weeks.
2 classes at Rider University (including a new class!), 1 at Rutgers.
The first few weeks will consist of a bitch of commute (from PA)!

Again, I’m looking for normalcy by the 3rd week of February.

Will keep you posted.

May the best of 2013 be the worst of 2014!

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