…and we’re rolling….

While filming is going great, we’ve fallen a bit behind. Not surprising considering the intricacies of this project: tracking camera effects, special F/X make-up, complete coverage, etc. So, I’ve had to extend my stay here in LA for a few more days.
No worries – it’s all gonna look great. And it gave me another day to visit old friends, which was lovely.
Had a nice hike to Bronson Canyon, saw the “Batcave” from the 60’s TV series – pretty cool!

I was feeling bad as this was more of a work trip, not leaving much opportunity to socialize.
This short will be a great showcase for all involved.

We’re getting it done.

Oh, and it’s 70˚ here, by the way; I hear it’s about 10˚ back East….not rubbing it in….just sayin’

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