Woke up this morning after being serenaded to sleep (not sound) by steady, pelting rains and blustering winds with 68-80 mph gusts. While we have our electricity, and sewage system seems to still work, Chester County was hit by the most severe path of the Hurricane. Our house is OK; however, we are surrounded by floods, and power outages throughout the county.

My 1st hurricane. The name “Irene” will forever now have special meaning for me.

The rain has significantly subsided, but the wind is still steamrolling through the area; broken trees and limbs litter the yards, the already over-saturated ground is covered with newly formed “ponds” and “swamps.”

At my parents home, where I located myself during the hurricane, there is a giant sycamore tree in the front yard that has been in a steady state of deterioration over the years. Looking at the tree, one can easily see decay of the interior that can be tracked down to the root system. This tree was the source of my unease during this entire event. Between the decomposition of the base of this tree, coupled with the over-saturation of the ground, add to that hurricane winds – I was (still am at this time) expecting this thing to come down. The cherry on that sundae is that the source of the decay is pointed directly towards the house.
Said another way, when that thing falls – it will do so ON the house.

Bullet dodged…for now.

Our TECH rehearsals were cancelled this weekend for “Midsummer.” It is a huge show, with many elements that have yet to be worked out. A great deal of time has already been lost due to Irene. Personally, I am uncertain about my being able to get to New Brunswick by tomorrow, let alone Tuesday. Chester County is flooded at this time and it will take at least a day or two for the roads to be drivable. And we are NOT along a river, nor within a major flood plain. I can only imagine what New Brunswick is like right now as it is bordered by the Raritan River.
One preview has already been cancelled.
I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I will come home to an intact apartment in Jersey City.

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