This past month I’ve been able to focus on my teaching.
I must confess, I find myself surprised and never quite getting used to people calling me, “Professor” – though technically, I’m not.
It’s that fact that makes me feel a bit unworthy.  However, I do enjoy it – the role in my life that provides a sense of worth, purpose and nobility. I know, I know…sounds a little over-inflated, but I can’t help it.
While I feel I am constantly improving, I have much to learn; still getting too sensitive about those students who are just not interested – wondering what I do wrong that fosters their lack of engagement.
Of course, it could never be that they just don’t care…
no, that would be the easy explanation…
must be me.

Each class is different: 3 this semester – Acting, Theater Appreciation, Stage Make-up. Each presenting its own challenges and hurdles.
I’ve been invited back to teach Theater Apprec., and Make-up next semester (Spring semester is usually a lighter load as fewer classes are offered; I am tremendously grateful to be invited back to both schools), which is a true compliment and evidence of their confidence and satisfaction.

Just finished grading midterms…more students are doing better.
I like that.

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