Aaaaaand, we’re up and running! Go Get the Axe arrives!

Last week was the opening of a show I’ve been involved with for OVER A YEAR. I have not been more proud of a project than this one.
I am in awe of all the work in this production and am immensely grateful to be a part of it.

THANK YOU to our extraordinary design team (the play IS BEAUTIFUL!!): Susanne Houstle, Stacey Derosier, Santiago Orjuela-Laverde, Andrew Moerdyk, Drew Nungesser, Ian Friedman.

THANK YOU to the amazing cast that has been assembled: Eric Michael Gillett, Leigh Williams, Rob “Karma” Robinson, Brittany Lee McDonald, Michael Kane, Michael Propster, Leslie Alexander, Jay Ben Markson, Lisa Kitchens, Terrence Christgau and Raquel Loving.
I am proud to share the stage with ALL OF YOU!

THANK YOU Stephanie Hollander and Raquel for keeping us all on track and getting it done.

THANK YOU to my lovely Sonia Perez and Jennifer M. Wood for all your support and effort. I am flattered by your faith and willingness to be a part of all this.

THANK YOU to the amazing James L. Menzies for creating this crazy, devastating, hilarious world in which we all get to play around. Thank you for writing Jim and giving him to me to embody and explore.

And THANK YOU Richard Aven for your vision, trust and friendship. I am humbled by the faith and love.
You sculpted something truly beautiful and incredible.

Come and see!

I challenge you all to come and witness this piece of art and NOT be impacted by what you see.

I challenge you all to come and see this show and NOT leave thinking about your life and your place in others’.

This is JUST THE BEGINNING for Fig Productions!

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