A New Age..

Looks like we made it!
The world did not end.
What will we do within the dawn of this new age? Whether you believed the Mayan “prophecy” or not – I do believe the one truth the calendar conveys is that we have entered a new age/epoch/era…
or whatever….

Will anything change?
Will this change occur on its own? or via our own doing (or undoing)?

I may have stated before, this past year brought with it some tremendous opportunities, as well as some harsh life events:

*I shot and co-produced a SAG Short film in LA
(I must say, while I’m proud of the work, I’m also pleased of the make-up effects I pulled off. Thanks Scott Ramp!!)
*I shot a pilot with Michael McGlone
*I performed in an Off-B’way production of Tennessee Williams’ last full-length play with the incomparable Shirley Knight and the magical Alison Fraser
*I actually booked another play but couldn’t do it because it was in conflict with the above!
*I taught more courses this year than ever
*I was invited back to teach at Rutgers University (that’s now 3 schools where I currently teach)
*I will be teaching a new course for the winter session at Rider U., “Great Performances in Film.”
among other things…

But there were also some adversity that my family faced:
* My father struggled with his blood pressure that caused much instability; i.e. stroke-like events (one occurred right in front of me – literally caught him in my arms as he was collapsing)
* My father was in a terrible car crash that claimed my uncle (his brother). He is on the mend, I’m thankful to say, but it was rough going there for a while; what can I say? the guy’s a fighter!
* My brother is still in the midst of a nasty divorce. It is taking its toll on him, our family, as well as his kids…obviously. Sad.

Anyway – blah, blah, blah….this too shall pass.
While 2012 was not all bad, far from it in fact, I’m fine with its passing.

I’m hopeful for 2013.

Happy New Year everyone!

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