“ Christopher Halladay is a leading man with the ability to match any great character actor, takes acting to the art form it is meant to be.”

            -Shirley Knight

                        2-time Tony Award winning actress

                        2-time Academy Award Nominee 

“strapping mechanic swain”

            -The Huffington Post

“deliciously campy and a definite delight”



            -Ben Brantley

              New York Times

“Directing an actor of Christopher’s caliber is a joy. Acting onstage with him is an inspiration. One of the most talented and collaborative artists in the sandbox”

            -Eric Michael Gillett

              Broadway Actor and director

“his inventiveness, dedication and keen insight impresses”

“ a fine, original actor”

-Alison Fraser

            2-time Tony Nominee

“a studly grease-monkey”


“subtle and wonderful work”



“Chris is an actor with a courageous originality and unique playfulness, and he has the cojones to tell the truth”

            -Ethan Phillips

              Series Regular: Star Trek: Voyager & Benson

“echoes of Stanley Kowalski are conjured by Christopher Halladay”

“deliciously devious”



Headshots by Siouxsie Suarez

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